The Bar at No. 15

We take the best British spirits, liqueurs, shrubs, syrups, brews and bitters and mix delicious cocktails that are old and new, quintessential and unexpected. Beyond our cocktail menu, we have a serious selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks that showcase the flavours and influences of our country’s highlands, lowlands and all its in-between lands.

Meanwhile, our chefs source the best seasonal ingredients local lands have to offer and use their incredible flavours to conjure the unforgettable deliciousness of great British escapes in food, perfectly suited to a cosy dinner or a snack with cocktails.

Awaiting you…

Monday - Sunday 08:00-23:00
Breakfast/Brunch is served daily until 12:00pm

Please note that we no longer serve afternoon tea.

01225 807015

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