A new, independent hospitality group, creating wonder-filled, happy hotels in Britain’s most intriguing cities.

We are three brothers who own, develop, curate and operate hotels in historical buildings on desirable streets. Our measure of success is a combination of remarkable interior design and genuine generosity of spirit and service. For us, it’s not enough to create beautiful, high-functioning hotels in go-to destinations; we must also create experiences that resonate and raise smiles. Ultimately, we are here to provide the perfect reason for escaping to and exploring the cities that sum Britain up.

When it comes to how we operate, we make sure we do it in an open, honest and fair way. Our staff, suppliers and collaborators become part of the family; our hotels are happy from the inside out. And we work to make a positive difference to the lives of locals, too. We love to be part of the community, with our bars and restaurants becoming inviting hangouts and our team looking for opportunities to give back.

Everything we do is about boosting the brightness of GuestHouse’s sunny disposition. We think of our hotels as positive places for positive people.

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