Happy hotels in happening cities.

Welcome to GuestHouse – an independent hospitality group with a love of creating one-off, wonder-filled hotels in Britain’s best bits. 

There are three brothers behind GuestHouse – Tristan, James and Tom Guest. So, our name is part of the family as well as a nod to the warmth and unmistakably British character of the traditional guest house.

GuestHouse hotels hold onto that nostalgic charm and add to it plenty of very-nice-to-have experiences to indulge in. It’s a best-of-both-worlds idea where luxury is without stuffiness and with plenty of fun and heart.

In our spas, personalised therapies like targeted massages and organic facials are too restorative to miss. There are simple pleasures like good food with locally sourced produce, help-yourself Pantries and in-room turntables to play records on from our select-your-sounds vinyl library.

We started with a grand Georgian townhouse called No.15 in Bath – a city with a never-ending buzz and a never-fading beauty. Gorgeous York followed, and then vibrant Brighton. Whatever comes next, it will be about the greatness of the place. Watch this space.

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