Happy hotels in happening cities.

Welcome to GuestHouse - an independent hospitality group created by three brothers, Tristan, James and Tom Guest, who together have a love of creating one-off, wonder-filled hotels.

Home to relaxing suites and bedrooms, heavenly spas, and never-tried-that-before dishes, our hotels have a few things in common, but always guarantee their own unique charm varied by the cities they're a part of.

Our beautiful Regency-style townhouse is as Brighton seafront as it gets. Expect a great restaurant and bar, seriously comfortable bedrooms, and of course, genuinely welcoming, happy people.


We have plenty of charming space, full of grace to host perfectly intimate events. Working with our friends, local creatives, producers and suppliers we'll regularly add events to our calendar that offer you wonder-filled opportunities to gather with family, learn a new skill or make new friends.


For those times when it’s right to indulge in more than just a stay, you might like to enjoy one of our offer packages that blend the best of us and our wonderful city. Think of them as a way to maximise your hereness.


Discover more about GuestHouse by reading about what we've been up to since we launched. From our mobile tipple truck to events with Marguerite London

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