Pet Policy

To keep pets and guests happy during their stay we’ve put together the following guidelines

Pet-Friendly Areas

  • Your four-legged friend must be on a lead when in the hotel lobby, and all public areas.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the spa.
  • If you wish to eat in The Restaurant during your stay, please pre-book one of our dog friendly dining areas with the team. Or you can leave your pooch to snooze in your room or dine in our lounge and bar area instead.
  • We ask that you don’t leave dogs unattended in bedrooms without first letting the reception team know and leaving a contact number of where they can be reached.
  • Owners are asked to take full responsibility for their pet’s behaviour throughout their stay. If not, you may be charged for any damage/disturbance caused. We ask that they are well-behaved throughout your stay. Owners are asked to control any noise made by their dog to ensure it does not disturb other guests.

Housekeeping and Damage to Bedrooms/Common Areas

  • For the safety and comfort of your pet, Housekeeping will only enter your room if: (a) your pet is not present, or (b) you are present with your pet (dog’s must be on a lead), or (c) your pet is safely tucked up in its crate.
  • While we welcome dogs in the hotel, it is also vital that we take steps to protect any allergy sufferers who may also be staying with us. Therefore, it’s important that any guest notifies us at the time of booking if they suffer from a pet allergy, so that we can allocate a room away from where a dog may be staying
  • We kindly request that your dog does not sit on any furniture in public spaces.
  • Should your dog soil within the room causing permanent damage or the necessity for additional cleaning services, or any other damage, you will be charged accordingly.

If you have any questions about staying at GuestHouse with your four-legged friend please get in touch with our teams below.