Cooking up a storm

Food & Drink at No 124 Brighton

Opening in October 2024, No.124 on the Brighton seafront will be cooking up a storm with a positive plethora of foodie offerings. Food and Drink at No.124 Brighton is headed up by our latest coastal Pearly Cow restaurant - sure to become your next dining obsession - serving up locally-sourced shellfish served on ice and the finest cuts of meat cooked on open-flame, and those chips - IYKYK.

That's not to diminish No.124's bar, lounge and terrace though - these are uber-cool spaces to sip on killer cocktails overlooking the big blue, and to enjoy fresh woodfired pizzas and small plates. And that's not to mention our afternoon tea experience which is truly unique - and delicious!

All choices serve vibe as standard.

Pearly Cow Brighton

Opening this October. Open for lunch and dinner, Pearly Cow is about what thrives nearby - all the herds, breeds, crops, and catches that dot our fields and teem in our waters. There's raw and light and smoky and deep. Think truly great steaks and fresh lobster rolls. Its menu shines a light on food on ice and food over flame.

The Terrace at No.124

This is not a terrace on a white-beached-Balearic-isle - but beautiful Brighton in Blighty. You could be forgiven for being confused though - the tunes, the cocktails, the sunset - it's serving Mediterranean vibes on the South Coast. Join us for pizza and small plates daily from 11am until late.

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The Bar at No.124

Step in off the Terrace and you're transported regency-glamour inside. Mixing up those fabulous cocktails and serving up smalls plates too, the Bar at No.124 is a space to relax and while a day with friends over great food and drink. Don't forget to step into our Games Room too.

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Afternoon Tea Experience at No.124

Pinkies up darlings - we're going to tea! Discover the No.124 take on this quintessential experience - you'll never look at another scone the same way after you've tried ours!

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