Food & Drink

There is a lot happening in the food and drink department at No.42. A lot.

From the beach up, there's Field Trip – a daytime dedication to wholesomeness. Above that, there's Pearly Cow – a restaurant that specialises in wild freshness for lunch and dinner. On the same floor, there's a very cosy lounge bar that's hard to leave. And on the roof there's a bar serving cocktails, sunsets, snacks, and tunes.

Pearly Cow

Open for lunch and dinner, Pearly Cow is about what thrives nearby - all the herds, breeds, crops, and catches that dot our fields and teem in our waters. There's raw and light and smoky and deep. Think truly great steaks and fresh lobster rolls. It's menu shines a light on food on ice and food over flame.

The Lounge Bar

Just inside our High Street doors, the Lounge Bar is an elegant spot to sink into with a glass of greatness in hand. It's brimming bar is stocked to mix perfect cocktails, classic and otherwise. But that's only one of it's charms.

The Rooftop Bar

It’s a rare thing – a rooftop bar overlooking Margate beach. And we have one serving up superb drinks and standout snacks to go with those views.

Field Trip

Right on the beach, Field Trip is a breakfast, lunch, and just-because place. It’s a little bit different and a big bit tasty, erring on the side of healthy, serving food that’s nutrient-rich and super fresh.

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