Our Spas at GuestHouse

Our Spas at GuestHouse are special, tranquil spaces in which to unwind, found on the ground floor of our hotels. For our treatments in each spa, our skilled therapists await to listen to your needs and tailor highly beneficial massages & facials to address them. We use organic, vegan and sustainably sourced oils and essences to create the ultimate eco-luxury experience. We specialise in treatments for two, with our copper bath ritual the most coveted of all.

We have spas in York, Bath and Margate, with our new concept, FieldTrip Spa, opening in Brighton in October 2024.

Local lavender, tailored massages and personalised facials will bring deep-sigh relaxation in our historical spa treatment rooms.

Sidestep the tourists at the Roman Baths and sink into our signature copper bath or indulge in a classic massage and relaxation ritual.  

Step off the beach and into Margate’s most luxurious spa treatment rooms. Coastline inspired interiors, calming salt-water baths, and full body massage awaits you.

A strikingly modern marvel, FieldTrip Spa at No.124 creates a cocooning atmosphere as you step inside, through the use of beautiful natural materials, and is almost cave-like in how you are transported away from the noise and bustle of everyday life.