Eat at Field Trip in No.42 Margate


Healthy food that tastes very, very good to have in or take out throughout the day.

That’s what the café at Field Trip is all about.

Organic ingredients from local growers are our starting point. And the creativity of our chefs rolls from there.

At breakfast, alongside hearty go-tos like streaky bacon, Halloumi or Cumberland sausage served between slices of locally baked bread, you’ll also find smashed avocado, smoked salmon pate and seasonal jams on toast.

Salads – we’re big on salads. Interesting ones that fill you up. Think black rice dishes topped with Robata-grilled tiger prawns drizzled with a perfected dressing. Sandwiches – only the freshest ingredients get a look in there. Juices – they’re cold-pressed-fresh, life-giving, and never dull on the flavour side of things. And there’s more, including generous helpings of sweet treats from the counter.

And it’s only one-half of Field Trip. There are the treatment rooms on the basement level of No. 42. It’s a space where therapists with incredible skills work their magic to restore and refresh bodies (and tend to do the same to minds and souls while they’re at it).

Open for breakfast, lunch and everything in between...

Monday – Sunday 9am - 4pm

(Breakfast served 9am - 12pm)

(Lunch served 12pm - 4pm)

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