Some very special offers

Yes, we’re trying to entice you

For those times when it’s right to indulge in more than just a stay, you might like to enjoy one of our offer packages that blend the best of us and our wonderful city. Think of them as a way to maximise your hereness.


13 December 2021

Stay for a little longer

Sometimes 2-nights in Bath just isn't enough. Stay with us at No.15 from Sunday to Thursday for three-nights, and we'll only charge you for two.

17 February 2021

Bridgerton Tour

Seeing as we are on the doorstep of where Netflix's biggest-ever series was filmed, we’re well placed to give the show’s fans something to get all aflutter about.

12 February 2021

You Time

Between our own spa team, other wonderful local wellness therapists and our city’s serene green scene, we have designed a stay that is all about feeling good.

12 February 2021

Flavour Hunters

If you see your trip to Bath as an opportunity to savour greatness at every opportunity, this offer could be just to your taste.

18 October 2021

Stay for a little longer

With so much to see and do in York, come and stay with us for a little longer to soak up the culture, history and all the wonder our city, and hotel, have to offer.

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